Vocabulary 1. Repetition

Repetition of the same content word across a text or paragraph is the simplest, most basic meaning link between vocabulary. The easiest way to connect information or an idea across a text through lexical cohesion is to repeat the same word - but it should not be the only type of lexical cohesion you use.


Same word / Same meaning Different form

Example: sociology - sociology - sociology - sociology

- sociology - sociological - sociologically

  One lexical chain:chain

Repetition includes all words with the same content meaning even if their forms are different, like those indicating different word classes such as verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs. The noun 'sociology', adjective 'sociological' and adverb 'sociologically' are examples of repetition of the same word.

Only use this simple type of lexical cohesion for key words in academic texts.

Example and Exercise