Scientific Language: Using Evidence from Sources 1

In your discussion it is important to use evidence to support your argument about how you see your results and what recommendations you will make for future research. This evidence comes from what other researchers have found out about your topic. In first year, your lecturers will often put together a summary of this research so that you can easily find the information in your course notes. We call this kind of summary a secondary source of evidence. In later years and sometimes even in first year, your lecturers will expect you to use a primary source, that is the original article where researchers have published their findings.

Whenever you use a source, you will need to acknowledge it following the reference conventions that your lecturers will tell you about. See the References section of this program for help on using reference conventions in report writing in Biology. Remember, always ask your lecturers what the reference conventions are for your particular course as they often vary among courses and disciplines.

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