Module6: Results

Welcome to the Flexible Electronic Report Writing Tool (FLERT) for Physiology

This program has been designed to help you to write a practical report for Physiology.  The overall design for the program is based on the sections of a typical practical report.

In creating this program, there are three main principles for successful writing that we have used to inform our design. They are:


Each discipline has its own way of constructing knowledge as well as its own way of writing reports. In this program, we have used example texts from second-year physiology students’ Electrophysiology of the Nerve practical reports as the basis for teaching you about writing a practical report.  In addition, we have included exercises on scientific content (discipline-specific content) for the particular practical you are writing up.


Each report that you write will have its own individual purpose based on the aim of your experiment.  This will be reflected in the structure and content of the report.  In addition, your lecturer usually wants you to take on the role of a professional scientist when writing your report.


Whatever kind of writing you are engaged in, always try to keep in mind your audience.  Although practical reports are usually written for your lecturer in the university context, she/he wants you to write for a knowledgeable scientific audience.    

What you will learn from using the program:

After using the program, you should be able to:

How to use the program:

There are two parts to the program: one for help with how to write a report (Help with Report Writing) and one for help with the discipline-specific content of the particular practical (Help with Report Content).  You can work through the program at your own pace and choose your own order. It is important for you to decide which areas you need to concentrate on. 

Remember we are using student examples in the Help with Report Writing and they may not be entirely scientifically accurate. So please do not use them to understand physiology content; instead go to Help with Report Content

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We appreciate your feedback:

We would appreciate your feedback, both positive and negative, regarding the program.  Also, if you encounter any problems in using the program or any parts of the program that don't make sense, please e-mail:  Helen Drury or Meloni Muir.

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