Help With Report Writing

Help with Report Writing guides you through the sections of a typical second year Organic Chemistry report.

What you will learn from using Help with Writing:

  • how to write a report or recount of your experimental procedure
  • how to give background information for your experiment by answering questions on the report
  • how to structure the information in your answers in a logical way
  • how to use scientific language in an appropriate way
  • `

Whole Report


Answering the Questions

Example Report

Help With Understanding Content

Help with Understanding Content deals with key concepts and spectroscopic techniques that underpin your chemistry lab ∼ how functional groups influence the behaviour of molecules, how to construct a Flowsheet, and how to interpret the different spectra that you encounter in the synthetic laboratory.

What you will learn from using Help with Understanding Content:

  • how to consider the functional groups present in a molecule
  • how to prepare a Flowsheet for your experiment
  • how to interpret the mass spectrum of an organic compound
  • how to identify key functional groups from an infrared spectrum
  • how to interpret 1H and 13C NMR spectra

Functional Groups


Mass Spectrometry

IR Spectroscopy

1H NMR Spectroscopy

13C NMR Spectroscopy

Note that while the content of this site draws primarily from Experiment O1 of the CHEM2401/2911/2915 lab course, the concepts and techniques discussed are equally relevant to a number of other experiments in Second Year Chemistry.

Your demonstrator guide for this module is Stephen and your student guides are Matthew and Anh.

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Ahn explains her approach to report writing (1m 5s):


Stephen discusses the objectives of the report assignment (32s):


Matthew explains his approach to writing the report (45s):


Ahn talks about how the chemistry report is different from other research reports (29s):