Module6: Results

Overall Structure

The report as argument

Appendix (-ces)

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Structure: Appendix (-ces)

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An appendix or appendices are only used to put in specific details of your experiment which are not necessary for understanding the main purpose and outcomes of your experiment e.g: raw data, more detailed descriptions of your methods or equipment, formulae and calculations, more detailed results. Your main results should go in the Results section and readers should not be forced to go to an appendix to find your results. However, you should refer your readers to the Appendices in your report.

Example Appendix

Read the extracts from the Methods and Results sections from a student's report on the effect of stimulus strength on the CAP response amplitude of the nerve. (Electrophysiology of the Nerve practical). When you click on Appendix in the Methods and Results, you will see the entries the student has made in the Appendix. If you don't see a window open this content might be in an already open window.