Help With Report Writing

Help with Report Writing guides you through the sections of a typical lab report in physiology.

What you will learn from using Help with Writing:

  • the overall structure and purpose of a short scientific paper in physiology
  • what kind of information belongs in different sections of a paper
  • how to structure the information in each section in a logical way
  • how to use scientific language in an appropriate way

Overall Structure








Example Report

Help With Understanding Content

Help with Understanding Content deals with concepts in biochemistry.

What you will learn from using Help with Understanding Content:

  • how to present the content in methods and legends

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Your lecturer guide for this module is Meloni Muir and your student guide is Meghan.

click here to see what meloni and meghan say...

Meloni discusses the objectives of the assignment (41 seconds):

Meloni discusses two ways to get better marks (1min 21sec):

Meloni identifies the problem of how students confuse essays and reports (52sec):

Meghan explains her approach to writing reports (52sec):

Meghan advises students on how to improve their report writing (1min 10sec):

Meghan comments on how writing reports helps her learn about physiology (36sec):