Entry Quiz Exercise

What does a lab report look like?
A laboratory report has a very clear and predictable structure, made up of a number of major stages.

Why does it look this way?
The stages in the report and their sequence have developed in this way to accurately re-tell or recount a scientific activity and to interpret the results of this activity. In this way scientific knowledge is developed out of scientific experimentation. In an engineering report, the wider significance of this direct scientific knowledge (in economic, social and/or environmental terms) can also be explored.

In what order should I write the report?
The order in which you write the stages will probably not be the same order in which they appear in the report. Many engineers recommend writing the results first, followed by the discussion, conclusions, introduction, abstract and other minor stages.

Use this exercise to find out how much you know about the parts of a civil engineering report and their functions.

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