Module6: Results

Structuring the Discussion

Scientific Language

Using verbs

Developing an argument



Here is a diagram of the typical stages of a Discussion section. Some stages are more complex than others and build up in layers, each time something is elaborated, e.g. you may explain one result then have to say whether it was expected or not and then how it related to a table or figure.

Note also that the middle section of the Discussion does not follow a strict linear order and that some stages may be repeated depending on the number of results you have to report.

When you have played the animation, click on the stages in the diagram to see which questions are answered in each stage and an example of that stage. The examples are from a student's Discussion on 'The effect of Increasing the Strength of an Electrical Stimulus on the Electrical Response of a Sciatic Nerve of a Queensland Cane Toad'.

Note the movement from general to specific and back to general.