Module6: Results

Structuring the Conclusion

Scientific Language

Structure: Lecturers' comments

What the lecturers say about this student's Conclusion.
Show whole Conclusion section again.

1. What is good about the Conclusion?
  • Begins with general summary statement of overall outcome
  • Refers back to hypothesis and states that it was supported
  • Links experimental data to theoretical framework
2. How could the Conclusion be improved?

The following comments relate to how the content could be improved.

  • The relationship between the stimulus strength and response amplitude is sigmoidal. There is a linear relationship observed between these two variables over a limited range of values.
  • The original hypothesis would have been framed in terms of stimulus and response amplitudes, not number of responding fibres i.e. independent and dependent variables.
  • The results verified only one feature of the compound action potential viz. its amplitude being related to stimulus intensity.
  • The last sentence could be improved by stating which characteristics of the individual fibres making up the whole nerve account for the relationship (primarily diameter and myelination).
  • In this sentence, "hence the amplitude of the compound action potential" is redundant, and the wording should be simply "relationship between the stimulus amplitude and the amplitude of the compound action potential".