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Writing successful reports is an important skill not only for your university studies but also in your working life. If you can improve your report writing you will also improve your chance of gaining employment and promotion. You may have chosen to study science and engineering because you don´t enjoy report writing. However, graduates in these areas say they spend about 60% of their time writing - so now is the time to start working on improving your report writing using WRiSE.

Remember: The more times you use WRiSE, the more you will learn about how to write a report!

Learning about report writing using WRiSE

Before your report assignment

  • Work through your discipline module, paying particular attention to the main points on structure and language. (Note: it will take you on average about 3 hours to work through one discipline module. However some modules are shorter and some are longer)
  • Check out the Help with Content part of the module as this may well help you to understand critical concepts which apply to all reports in your discipline or the specific experiment you are writing up.
  • Look at the examples of students´ reports in the Help with Report Writing part of the program and listen to the lecturer´s and student´s comments on these reports. Some modules also contain extracts from your student guide´s report with lecturer´s and student´s comments on this specific report. You may also like to look at typical journal articles in your discipline to help you understand report format.
  • Listen to the advice about researching for your report and planning your time.
  • Ask your lecturer about anything you are unsure of in the assignment before you start writing.

While you are writing

  • Discuss your writing with tutors and/or lecturers. They may have useful feedback or suggestions.
  • Compare your writing of each section of your report with the appropriate section in the WRiSE site.
  • Ask another student to read your work and give some feedback, while you read and comment on his/her work. (Give clear instructions about what area of your report you want feedback on. Reading and commenting on another student's work can help you to improve your own writing because it is easier to see the mistakes in someone else's work).
  • Remember you both need to submit your own individual report.
  • Draft and redraft your report so that you improve your understanding of the experiment, its purpose, your findings and what your findings mean. In this way you will also improve your writing.

Before submission

  • Read over your report.
  • Spell check your work.

After you receive your report and feedback

  • Read over your feedback and note any areas where you need to improve.
  • Check these areas for improvement with the WRiSE site.
  • Look at your feedback again when you are writing your next report.

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